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Size Grades

For your convenience, all Hole Park trees are colour graded for size, which will aid your retail staff.

Hole Park Christmas Trees colour codes and tip heights
in Imperial and Metric

Size Grades - Hole Park Christmas Trees, Rolvenden, Kent.

Larger Trees as Marked

The measure is taken to the tip of the tree but allows for a standard length of leader in proportion to the height of the tree.

Supplies of larger trees are limited and usually they are only cut to order. Please call to discuss price and availability.

Hole Park trees carry no other form of identification than a colour tag, though we are pleased to supply “Hole Park grown” standard labels which, as well as giving basic tree care instructions, give the Hole Park name and space for the retail price to be written on.


Hole Park Christmas Trees – Quality Grades

We sell two grades of trees, those that we are proud of as first grade (about 95% of our business), shown in the chart with the blue, white, red and green tickets, and a small quantity of second grade, shown in the orange, yellow and purple tickets in the chart below. Supplies of second grade are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. They represent good value for money but are not trees that we are happy with for a variety of reasons. They may have too long a tip, be too open in form or too dense. Buyers are welcome to select from the pile.

Second grade trees are graded as follows: